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Help needed for ‘The chronicles of Destiny Rising’

To all of my destiny rising friends who have been visiting us at the shop for the last 13 years (Yes 13!) or those that have just found us.

 Over those years I have been deeply honoured to either be part of many people’s spiritual journey or have been entrusted with their stories.
It has been an amazing journey for me to have observed so many transformations, which is why I have had the revelation that I am about to tell you about…
I am going to compile a book of true stories that will be inspirational for others to read and probably cathartic for those who will be writing them…
I know that these stories will help lots of other souls who are feeling stuck, lost or in a dark place.

I believe these stories will act as a light and beckon the beginning of their journey to enlightenment and a better place.
I truly believe that people heal one another, so I wish to fill this book with love and encouragement from cover to cover.
Janine Greenberg will embellish it with her angelic artwork, and the rest of it is up to all of you!

If you feel that you would like to share your story and contribute to the book we would love you to put pen to paper or get typing!
You may have had an angelic experience. You may of been guided in some way that changed your life completely. You may of stumbled onto your spiritual pathway just when you were feeling completely hopeless. A healing may have taken place and transformed you life. Something or someone may have touched you so deeply that it’s left an indelible mark on your heart for ever! Something so magikal took place, it blew your mind!
Or you want to sing something from the roof tops that you would never have dreamed possible…

Please either email us, send or drop your stories into the shop if you prefer.

I send everyone a huge thank you in advance.
‘The chronicles of Destiny Rising’ is manifesting!
Together we will create a healing book that will fall into the right hands, how and when it is meant to…
Love and blessings
Dana x

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