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9th July – Beginners Spiritual Development – Course

Join Sara on this beautiful and enlightening course, where you will be guided through understanding the essence of sitting in stillness, how to blend with spiritual vibration to experience and strengthen your link to the divine realms of the spirit world which surrounds us all. To be able to connect with your guides, angels, family and friends and come to trust and understand the love, support and guidance that they wish to share.

You will be taught how to further improve your communication with spirit through meditation and synergy work to establish your own unique links. To understand subtle energy and vibration as well as auric energy, allowing you to reach your intuitive self and senses with truth and positive awareness.

Whilst working in a group environment you will gain vital validation and support from each other, you will also learn how to develop your own unique symbology in your own stillness to empower your own life path and those in your world.

This course is a wonderful way to experience the beauty and truth of the spirit realms by sitting with likeminded people in a safe environment and working with the essence and energy that surrounds us and trusting in all that is…

Over the course of 8 weeks your abilities and links with spirit will strengthen to empower your trust in them, your guides and yourself.

Not everyone wants to be a medium, but beautiful it is to know who walks beside us in life.

“Spirit are just a breath away” – Sara Leslie

Please call to book your space 01923 852522

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