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A pendulum should be used with the intention to always seek answers that can contribute to the greater good.

Everything in our lives has energy structures and energy fields that are teaming with information of different kinds. We interact with this energy every moment with our minds, emotions, bodies and our consciousness- individually and collectively. A pendulum can be used to form a link between this information and our ability to understand the information.

To do this the pendulum works in relationship to energy fields. Answers are usually in the form of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – though it is also possible to develop an understanding of a range of answers through the movements of the pendulum, their direction, shape and flow.

A pendulum can help us find ley lines (energy lines in the earth), diagnose areas of imbalance in our bodies and energy systems, help us to make decisions and access information, but always working with the pendulum for the highest good. This requires us to monitor ourselves and to learn to empty our minds. It has the potential to be a journey of deep self-awareness, self-healing and joy, which Margaret will support throughout the day.

Working with a pendulum is also an opportunity to learn about asking questions that are fine-tuned in their integrity and then interpreting the answers with the same integrity before we communicate them to others.

Any pendulum can perform the same function – if you wanted to you could use a stone attached to a piece of string. Simply choose the shape and material that appeals to you. Even parts of our physical body can function as a pendulum!

In Peace

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