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What is a Magickal Moot


Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind Magickal Moot?
The word ‘moot’ is derived from ‘a meet’ or ‘an assembly’.
An outdoor Neo-Pagan ritual is also called a “moot”.
Traditionally moots are held in pubs or at the local village hall as they has been customary for many centuries.
Magickal Moot is a meeting or assembly of like-minded people.
Magickal Moot gives you a chance to meet, socialise and share ideas in a friendly environment with other pagans or people following a spiritual path who live locally to you. It also gives you a chance to learn or teach from other fellow Wiccans or those on a spiritual path. Come and learn about the basics of the Wiccan religion and also share knowledge of Tarot, Crystals, Runes, Scrying, meditation, healing and other inspirational spiritual teachings.

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