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Crystal Meditation @ Destiny Rising

Crystal Meditation @ Destiny Rising

Meditation is a more than just a form of relaxation. It is a way of tapping into our subconscious mind and installing positivity, to transform our thought patterns and thus continue them into our lives. It enables us
to connect to our higher selves and find our truths. It is simply one of the most poweful ways to heal and still our minds and bodies. Deardra will also incorporate crystals
in to this healing/meditation to take it to it’s highest level to ensure the highest benefit is reached. Deardra is a crystal practioner and thus can also help with any individaul
health problems on the night.

A loving and healing space.

Please call us 01923 852522 for further information.

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Modern Witchcraft for today

Modern Witchcraft for today

The Craft has come a very long way from the days the witch was depicted as an old hag on a broomstick. With the knowledge, so freely available in good books,holistic shops and the web, it has
become, dare I say,almost fashionable to say one is “a witch”. With the term Wicca, introduced by Gerald Gardner, it has become widely acceptable as a nature based religion. Acquiring the knowledge
can take you on the most amazing journey, it will take you to amazing forms of study, whether it is simply by walking in enchanted forests, the study of planets, moon phases etc or herblore the craft
is so vast it truly is magnifcant. Once the knowledge has been accumulated, modern day lives can be enhanced. When we begin to understand that everything is a vibration, we can then work with
the knowledge and direct our energy to change the vibration. We are mindful and respectful of nature, and follow the Goddess in all her phases, new moon, waxing moon, full moon and wanning moon.
We then start to align ourseleves with the universe and this is when true magick occurs. Today our lives have become so hectic that it so important that we take time to work with the power that is
all around us, to harmonise our lives and allow them to flow in a positive way. Witchcraft allows us how to have the lives we want in a very positive way.

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9th July – Beginners Spiritual Development – Course

Join Sara on this beautiful and enlightening course, where you will be guided through understanding the essence of sitting in stillness, how to blend with spiritual vibration to experience and strengthen your link to the divine realms of the spirit world which surrounds us all. To be able to connect with your guides, angels, family and friends and come to trust and understand the love, support and guidance that they wish to share.

You will be taught how to further improve your communication with spirit through meditation and synergy work to establish your own unique links. To understand subtle energy and vibration as well as auric energy, allowing you to reach your intuitive self and senses with truth and positive awareness.

Whilst working in a group environment you will gain vital validation and support from each other, you will also learn how to develop your own unique symbology in your own stillness to empower your own life path and those in your world.

This course is a wonderful way to experience the beauty and truth of the spirit realms by sitting with likeminded people in a safe environment and working with the essence and energy that surrounds us and trusting in all that is…

Over the course of 8 weeks your abilities and links with spirit will strengthen to empower your trust in them, your guides and yourself.

Not everyone wants to be a medium, but beautiful it is to know who walks beside us in life.

“Spirit are just a breath away” – Sara Leslie

Please call to book your space 01923 852522

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Sweet Dreams

There are so many reasons why we do not always sleep well. Either we have trouble falling asleep
or we cant stay asleep. This is something I have experienced myself, therefore I have looked into this subject quite deeply and tried and tested many practices and remedies. Here are my findings that have truly helped.
Firstly, here are a few fundamental offerings that are so important¦
Technology has given us connection to the worldwide web at our fingertips by way of computers, blackberries, I phones etc which are often in our bedrooms, especially in children and teenagers rooms. We have cordless telephones probably by the bed and wifi that’s left on constantly.
We know that racing pigeons struggle to find their way home these days and research has suggested its because radiation waves from the transmitters in Britain interfere with the pigeons natural homing instincts. In the last two years since vast amounts of mobile masts have been erected nearly half of racing pigeons become lost or don’t make It back at all. Not so long ago most of them would return home. Bees are also suffering as bee colonies collapse, experts looking at bees specifically say that apart from insecticides and gm crops having a devastating effect on bees,
bee populations may also be vulnerable to other factors, such as the recent increase in atmospheric electromagnetic radiation as a result of growing numbers of mobile phones and wireless communication towers. The increased radiation given off by such devices may interfere with bees ability to navigate. A small study at Germanys Landau University found that bees would not return to their hives when mobile phones were placed nearby.
So how does all of this affect us? Well without getting too technical, electrical equipment creates EMFs ( electromagnetic fields) which interferes with the brains sleep patterns. It can seriously keep you from not only falling asleep, but staying asleep. So definitely turn off computers, mobiles, cordless phones and switch off your wifi on a night. Make it a rule in your house; it will be a good habit!
Check your diet – are you consuming food and drink that interupt your bodies natural patterns.
alcohol, caffeine and additives after 8.00pm are really unhelpful and will very likely keep you awake. Have a cup of Chamomile tea in the evening, It gets your mind and body relaxed, or there
Are some really good herbal tea infusions available specifically blended for bedtime.
The brain also needs a few hours before retiring, to wind down and switch off from the flashing images on the TV and computer screen.
Doing these few things maybe all that you need to do to get a proper refreshing nights sleep. Try it!
But don’t give up after a couple of nights, it may take a while for a new sleep pattern to energe.
If your problem is a busy head and stress. You still need to factor in the above, but also take a few other steps towards de-stressing yourself.
A meditation cd that takes you on a journey set to gentle music will help to stop that inner chatter,
long enough for you to fall asleep, coupled with some Nelsons night rescue remedy or one of our little crystal sleep pouches to help you to stay asleep, should do the trick!
There are also some very peaceful cds of tranquil music to induce sleepiness.
Sometimes a handful of skinned almonds that have been soaked in water for the day and eaten an hour or so before bedtime help to balance cortisal in the body and thus aid sleep.
I hope this info is helpful to you gaining a good nights sleep.
Sweet dreams

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REGULARS @ Destiny Rising Shop

TAROT Available daily: £30 (30 minutes) or £60 (1 hour)
TAROT PARTIES Held at your home: Minimum of 6 people @ £35 per person
ASTROLOGY Personalised birth charts and year ahead: £45
PSYCHIC MEDIUM Available on request: £60 (1 hour)
SOUL READING Available Mondays & Every other Saturday: £60 (1 hour)
REIKI HEALING £30 (30 minutes) £60 (1 hour)
REFLEXOLOGY £30 (30 minutes) £60 (1 hour)
SPIRIT GUIDE PORTRAITURE From £45 (size-dependent)
REIKI 1,2 & Masters Reiki 1 £100, Reiki 2 £180, Masters £450
SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT £100 (6 week course) Beginners & Advanced
TAROT BEGINNERS/ADVANCED £100 (6 week course)
MEDITATION MORNINGS £7 Every Thursday Morning drop in 9am-10am
MAGICKAL MOOT £15 Last Friday of every Month
YOGA £8.50 for 1hr 15mins group
INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE £30 (30 minutes)

Call: 01923 852522 to book

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Help needed for ‘The chronicles of Destiny Rising’

To all of my destiny rising friends who have been visiting us at the shop for the last 13 years (Yes 13!) or those that have just found us.

 Over those years I have been deeply honoured to either be part of many people’s spiritual journey or have been entrusted with their stories.
It has been an amazing journey for me to have observed so many transformations, which is why I have had the revelation that I am about to tell you about…
I am going to compile a book of true stories that will be inspirational for others to read and probably cathartic for those who will be writing them…
I know that these stories will help lots of other souls who are feeling stuck, lost or in a dark place.

I believe these stories will act as a light and beckon the beginning of their journey to enlightenment and a better place.
I truly believe that people heal one another, so I wish to fill this book with love and encouragement from cover to cover.
Janine Greenberg will embellish it with her angelic artwork, and the rest of it is up to all of you!

If you feel that you would like to share your story and contribute to the book we would love you to put pen to paper or get typing!
You may have had an angelic experience. You may of been guided in some way that changed your life completely. You may of stumbled onto your spiritual pathway just when you were feeling completely hopeless. A healing may have taken place and transformed you life. Something or someone may have touched you so deeply that it’s left an indelible mark on your heart for ever! Something so magikal took place, it blew your mind!
Or you want to sing something from the roof tops that you would never have dreamed possible…

Please either email us, send or drop your stories into the shop if you prefer.

I send everyone a huge thank you in advance.
‘The chronicles of Destiny Rising’ is manifesting!
Together we will create a healing book that will fall into the right hands, how and when it is meant to…
Love and blessings
Dana x

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Yoga Classes – Open level (beginners welcome) Every Tuesday

Come and join Destiny Rising and the lovely Natalie (who is a Yoga alliance certified teacher)

Yoga increases flexibility, strength and lowers blood pressure and stress.

Vinyasa Flow is a style of yoga evolved from The Guru of Guru’s – Krishnamacharya’s lineage. It is a dynamic, creative style characterised by syncronising breath with movement, visualisation & meditation. Vinyasa Flow will leave you feeling energised, yet peaceful & content….

Bring your own matt or purchase on the night!!! We do also have a limited number to use if you forget :)

This is an open level class beginners welcome

£8.50 per class (Bring Money on Night)

Please call us for Direction:

Bhaktivedanta Manor
Dharam Marg
Hilfield lane, Aldenham
Near Watford, Herts
WD25 8EZ
(for Sat-Nav use WD25 8DT)

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Daily at Destiny Rising Shop

Don’t forget we always have daily @ Destiny Rising:
Tarot Readings – Clairvoyant Readings – Reiki Healing Sessions –
Aromatherapy Massage – Indian Head Massage – Reflexology –
Spell Making Wiccan Consultation – Past Life Regression – EFT – NLP -
Clinical Hypnotherapy – Shamanic consultation

To name But a few just call or pop in to book 01923 852522.
All appointments are £30 for 30 minutes or £60 for an hour.
And we are open 7 days a week!!!

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Our Holistic Shop website goes live!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our our brand new Holistic Shop website goes live!

Welcome to Destiny Rising Online Holistic Shop

Destiny Rising is a mystical Bazaar inhabited by a wonderful variety of esoteric treasures and unusual gifts.

The Holistic shop and healing centre opened in the summer of 1998, and is owned and operated by Dana Morgan, who is beautifully assisted by the very sweet and knowledgeable shop Faeries. Many unique readers, healers, therapists and teachers make up the truly caring and nurturing team that we have here today.

Here, at Destiny Rising, we believe in supporting all of the many paths to the Divine, regardless of culture, tradition or level of experience. Whether you are interested in Holistic Products, Angels, Faeries, Wicca, Buddhism, Reiki, Tarot, or any of the many magickal traditions, we have something to excite your spirit and feed your soul … and maybe even a trinket or two for the god or goddess in your life!

As well as a comprehensive selection of divination tools, resources and books for those who are finding their own way in exploring the spiritual, whether you are well-versed in esoteric subjects or just beginning to explore the possibilities, Destiny Rising Holistic shop can help you. What you can expect to find … Angels, Faeries, Buddhas, Incense oils and resins, Divination Tools,  Aura sprays, Crystals, Jewellery, Pagan goods, Tarot cards, Books, CDs, Candles, Workshops, Therapies, Readings, Spell-casting, Nutrition, Psychic spirit guide portraits and much, much more.

Come and see us, a warm welcome awaits you. And why not pop into The Bull Pen tea room next door for a home-made cream tea! Or browse the eleven other unique outlets that make up this tranquil rural shopping village.

If you are too far to come and see us, please check out our on-line Holistic shop, we will be adding new and interesting Holistic products and divination tools all the time…

Just use the menu here to the left, to navigate our amazing website. The link at the top takes you to our extremely comprehensive Online Holistic Shop where you will find anything and everything you need for divination, gifts and further knowledge. You could also visit our online Psychics to have a truly accurate and professional psychic reading. Pay a visit to Deardra’s online spells if you need a spell or two for you or your loved one, or if you are looking for love itself click on “How to find love” and see if you can find it! We also give advice about Health and space clearing. For more information about some of these things, please send us an email and we will help to further inform and help you.

Our email address is

Blessed Be

Dana and all at Destiny Rising Holistic Shop

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